Onze Happy Client Assistants van de receptie staan dagelijks met een glimlach voor u klaar tijdens de openingsuren:
Monday 8.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.  
Tuesday 8.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.  
Wednesday 8.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.  
Thursday 8.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.  
Friday 8.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.  
Saturday closed  
Sunday closed  

At the reception desk you will find a suggestion box. It is located between the mailboxes, number 120. If you have any questions, ideas and/or remarks, you can put them in here.

Interne nummers:
Receptie: 9000
Cuisine d’Office: 9122

General information:

Hendrik van Veldekesingel 150, 3500 Hasselt

+32 11 87 08 11 - +32 11 87 08 01 - hasselt@officenter.eu

The office is secured with an alarm and equipped with camera surveillance.

Officenter is accessible through the main entrance(s) from Monday 08h00 to Thursday 17h30 and Friday 08h00 to 17h00. Outside these hours an electronic access control system will be activated and only users with a personalised badge can enter the building. Only clients with a permanent office in the building will receive an access badge. The common areas in Officenter are equipped with camera surveillance and an alarm system. If the user activates these by improper use of the emergency doors or by entering unauthorised areas equipped with alarms, a fee may be charged (additional patrol from security firm).


If you wish to receive visitors after closing time, they can reach you directly via the outside telephone.

Outside at the main entrance you will find the outside phone/intercom with a phone list of the fixed offices and the meeting rooms. Visitors can call your office outside office hours and you can open the outside door by using the 'open door' button on your telephone. For security reasons, it is advisable to pick up your guests at the front door outside office hours.

The emergency doors are permanently under alarm. When opening one of the emergency doors the alarm will go off and the alarm centre will be notified. The emergency doors may only be used in case of emergency. 

The windows are also on alarm between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. and may not be opened during this period. If the windows are opened during this period, the alarm goes off and our security company's incident room is notified.

Officenter has cameras in the common areas. These images remain available on our server for 7 days.

A G4S patrol checks the building every evening to see if there is anything suspicious, if any windows are still open... The G4S employee has access to the building with a badge.

A colour copier is available at the reception desk and on each floor. You can only use it with a personal code, which you can get from our receptionist.

The copier can also be used for scanning and printing. We replenish the paper daily. If the trays are empty, please let us know. The copier gives a signal when toners, etc. need to be replaced. This is also done by us. Please always lower the lid of the copier. In this way the glass plate remains protected.

Officenter has its own fax to mail system. From the moment a fax is sent or arrives, it is converted into an e-mail.
You have the choice to use the general Officenter fax number (mails are only forwarded during office hours) or to have your own fax to mail number at 3 euro/month.

To install the printer, we will be happy to help you or you can obtain a manual at the reception desk.

- Enter your code and press log on
- Place the document to be copied in the feeder (text side up) or on the glass plate (text side down)
- Press start (green button)
- Your document is copied
- Don't forget to take the original with you!
- Press log off


- Enter your code and press log on
- Put the document to be scanned in the feeder (text side up) or on the glass plate (text side down)
- Press the send button and then, using the on-screen keyboard, enter the e-mail address.
- Next to the empty bar, press e-mail and fill in the address using the keypad on the screen
- Press OK - again OK - press start (green button)
- Your document is being sent
- Press log off


Franking/post will be charged 1/1  
Scans € 0.02/piece  
Copies € 0.06/piece  
Colour copies € 0.16/piece  
Tel. domestic € 0.06/min  
Tel. Overseas from € 0.06 to € 0.60/min  
White board marker / 4 pieces € 4.25/4 pieces  
White board marker € 1.25/piece  
Brown cover with € 0.68/piece  
bottom Brown cover € 0.68/piece  
with filling Postpack box € 2.5/piece  
large Postpack box small € 1.5/piece  
Plastic folder € 0.57/piece  


Office maintenance (additional request) € 26.25/hr  
Handyman service € 30.00/hr  
Cleaning windows € 6.25/piece  


Secretarial services € 35.00 /piece  
Archive boxes € 3.5 / piece  
Booklet binding (wire-o/ring system) € 2.85 / piece  
Labels € 0.06 / piece  
Label sheet Long € 3 / piece  
Telefoonkabel € 7.25 / piece  
Plastify € 0.5 / sheet  
Pack of A3 paper € 15 / piece  
Pack of A4 paper € 6.75 / piece  
White cover € 0.15 / piece  
Brown cover € 0.57 / piece  


Internet cable € 7.00/piece  
Server small in rack € 50,00 / month  
Server large in rack € 100.00/month  
IP address € 10.25 / month  
SSL-VPN account € 5.25 / month  
Fax to mail € 3.00 / month  
Wi-Fi within own network (VLAN)    
in its own establishment free  
own establishment+1 other establishment € 10.00 / month  
In all branches € 25.00 / month  


Additional cabinet € 10.00 / month  
Archive rack rental € 15,00 / month  


Outdoor advertising Hasselt (excl. creation/placement) € 74,50 / month  
Outdoor advertising other branches € 45,00 / month  
Guarantee badge € 27.50/piece  
Replace office key € 27.50/piece  
Replace office key € 44.50/piece  
Ironing service Service cheques  

Officenter stelt u graag deze fietsen ter beschikking voor uw verplaatsingen.
Handig voor korte verplaatsingen; goed voor uw gezondheid én voor uw ecologische voetafdruk.

Enkele aandachtspuntjes:
Officenter is niet verantwoordelijk voor schade aan andere personen (verkeersongeval) tijdens het fietsen.
Dit dient geregeld te worden via uw bedrijfsaansprakelijkheidsverzekering.

Officenter is niet verantwoordelijk voor lichamelijke of stoffelijke schade aan de fietser zelf.
Dit dient geregeld te worden via uw arbeidsongevallenverzekering of persoonlijke ongevallenverzekering.

Indien u zelf schade veroorzaakt aan onze fietsen, houdt Officenter zich het recht voor om deze schade te recupereren. Dus rijd aub voorzichtig. En vergeet zeker niet om de fiets steeds op slot te doen en te bevestigen aan vast punt, om diefstal te vermijden.

Benefits@Officenter biedt onze klanten en hun medewerkers heel wat voordelen en kortingen voor binnen- en buitenland. Via uw e- mailadres kan u heel eenvoudig en gratis registreren op het platform. Eens u een account hebt, kan u direct gebruik maken van de kortingen, altijd en overal.

Surf to https://officenter.benefitsatwork.be/

The method of discount can differ for each benefit: online with a promo code on a webshop, by showing a (mobile) discount coupon in a shop, via an online ticketshop...

We regularly add new discounts to the programme.

Don't want to miss out on a discount? Then subscribe to the monthly Benefits@Work newsletter!

Ground floor

Floor 1

Floor 2

Floor 3


Each kitchenette is equipped with Officenter cups, dishes, cutlery, towels, dishcloths, etc. from the cabinets in the kitchen that you are free to use. Because it is nice for everyone to be able to enjoy a clean kitchen, we ask you to put dirty cups, dishes, cutlery, etc. in the dishwasher and to leave the counter tidy. The kitchen is cleaned daily and the fridge is emptied completely every Saturday. A microwave oven, coffee machine and water boiler are also at your disposal.

You can make free use of our showers. They are located on the ground floor. Please leave the showers tidy after use.

It is forbidden to smoke in the Officenter buildings, but we have a nice smoking area you can use.

Pets are not allowed in the building.

Catering is done exclusively by Officenter.

De vuilbakken in de kantoren worden standaard iedere zaterdag geledigd. Indien u deze graag tussendoor wil laten ledigen, kan u deze op het einde van de dag vóór uw kantoor zetten en vervolgens maakt de poetsvrouw deze ’s avonds leeg.  In de gemeenschappelijke keukens vindt u ook vuilbakken waar u uw afval kan sorteren.

We have a container in which you can deposit your confidential documents for destruction. This is collected once a month for destruction. It is located in the customer archive on the ground floor.

Our Flexrelax is the perfect place for a short power nap or a short moment of relaxation in the massage chairs.

The Flexrelax is located on the ground floor next to the customer archive.

Our communal areas are cleaned daily. If you nevertheless notice
defects (broken lamp, toilet that keeps running, towel roll that runs out of
...), please report this to the reception desk.


The emergency numbers are posted at the entrance, at the reception and also on each floor.

Reception during office hours (08.30-17.30) +32 11 87 08 11 (111 internal)

Emergency medical service - Fire brigade - Police 

HAZODI Police: 112

Jessa Hospital Hasselt: +32 011 33 55 11

  • Virga Campus Jesse +32 11 30 81 11
  • Campus Salvator +32 11 28 91 11


The emergency exits in Hasselt are located in the stairwell on both the left and right sides of the building.

AED Device + First Aid:

The AED unit and first aid are located in Hasselt at the reception desk. If there are any known medical problems that we need to take into account, please report this to the reception desk.


The parking spaces are free to use.

Reserved parking spaces for disabled persons may only be used if you have the necessary disabled parking permit.

Officenter beschikt over een fietsenstalling.


Officenter has electric charging stations.

Please move your car after charging is completed, so other Officenter customers have a chance to charge theirs.

If you drive an electric car, please add yourself to the Whatsapp group "E.V. rijders Off. Hasselt" by Koen Batsleer +32 495 53 44 22. This way the E.V. can reach each other more easily if the car needs to be moved or if you need a cable.


Each user is provided with a mailbox. The number and key are given to you by the Happy Client Assistant. Every morning the mail is distributed to these boxes.

We frank all your correspondence. This cost will be charged at 1/1 on your monthly bill. You can deposit your letters in the mailboxes PRIOR and NON PRIOR at the reception desk. Letters deposited before 15:00 are sent the same day.
You can also deposit your registered and kilo mail with us.
Always mention a sender on your mail. This is required by the postal service.
For large mailings, please hand over the documents to be sent in good time to the reception desk.

Mail is collected daily around 15:00.

To avoid having to be present every time the postman comes with registered mail for you, and to save you the trip to the post office, we would like to sign for and receive your registered mail.

If you wish, all you have to do is fill in the document "application for a flexi-power card". You can also do this online: www.bpost.be.

A flexi-mail proxy means that several people can accept your mail if they can present this card. You should present the completed document together with a copy of your passport at the post office or follow the procedure online.
We will be happy to help you with this!


Call Answer:

You can answer a call in different ways:

  • Remove the handset (1.) from the device.
  • Press the line key (12.) which is currently flashing green.
  • Press the handsfree/headset key (13.).


You can dial a number in different ways:

  • Dial the number and pick up the handset (recommended).
  • Dial the number and press Dial (20.) and, if necessary, pick up the handset or make the call hands-free/ via headset.
  • Dial the number and press handsfree/headset (13.).
  • Dial the number and press the line key (12.) with which you want to make the call and, if necessary, pick up the handset or make the call hands-free/via the headset (13.).
  • Pick up the handset and dial the number. In this case, you must dial the number in rapid succession. After a short pause, the call is automatically established.


While you are conducting the call, press call forward (16.). Enter the number to which you want to transfer and press Dial (20.) After the transfer has been completed, press the transfer button (16.) again. If the person you wish to transfer to is busy, you can easily retrieve the call by pressing the flashing Line key (12.).


While you are conducting the call, press call forward (16.). Enter the number to which you want to redirect and press redirect again. The call is now diverted immediately and without an intercom. If the extension does not answer the call within 20 seconds, the call will be automatically routed back to your extension (return call).


Press the call waiting button (5.) to temporarily put a call on hold. You can then hold a conversation with a colleague while the other party listens to hold music. You can also transfer the caller from the call waiting area.


You can accept an incoming call on another extension (e.g. your colleague's extension) by dialling *8 followed by KIES or pressing Pickup (21.), provided that the colleague's extension is in your pickup group. Pickup and ringing groups are set up by your system administrator.


You can use the handsfree key (13.) to route a call from the handset to the handsfree speaker. If a headset is connected, it may be possible to switch between headset and handsfree by repeatedly pressing the key.


Without putting the call on hold, you can briefly deactivate your microphone by pressing the microphone button (7.). In this case the other party cannot hear you, but you can hear them. Press the microphone button again to deactivate the function again.


While you are on a call it may happen that you receive a second call. You can accept this call by pressing the corresponding flashing Line key (12.). Your current conversation partner will then be put on hold (music). You can switch between calls by pressing the corresponding line key (L1 or L2). Each party can also be transferred.

You can book your meeting room by telephone at no. 111 or 112, by e-mail at hasselt@officenter.eu or verbally at the reception desk.


Catering during your meeting? You can choose between different formulas. Drinks and breaks, breakfast formulas, lunch formulas and tapas, day formulas for meetings... Our Happy Client Assistants will be happy to help you with this.


Remote control and cables can be borrowed from reception. Beamer, speakers, microphone, etc. are available on request. Please return the borrowed equipment to the reception desk after use.

In order to allow all our customers to use our facilities, we have introduced the following rules:


  • If you reserve a meeting room/flex office and have not used it after 15 minutes, we will release it for other customers.
  • We kunnen niet toestaan dat 1 bedrijf tegelijkertijd meer dan 50% van de beschikbare ruimtes in gebruik neemt. Uiteraard zijn speciale studiedagen en dergelijke mogelijk in overleg en kan men last-minute over eventuele vrije ruimtes beschikken.

After the meeting, we ask you to leave the room tidy:

  • Erase whiteboard.
  • Return all borrowed materials to the reception desk.


Officenter customers also meet for free in our other branches!

Officenter A12
Antwerpsesteenweg 124, 2630 Antwerpen
+32 3 870 46 46 - a12@officenter.eu

Officenter Aalst
Ninovesteenweg 198, 9300 Aalst
+32 53 51 02 00 - aalst@officenter.eu

Officenter Beringen
Everselstraat 133, 3580 Beringen
+11 43 93 20 - beringen@officenter.eu

Officenter Genk
Bosdel 54, 3600 Genk
+32 89 32 12 90 - genk@officenter.eu

Office Geel
Kleinhoefstraat 5, 2440 Geel
+32 14 57 00 11 - geel@officenter.eu

Officenter Hasselt
Hendrik van Veldekesingel 150, 3500 Hasselt
+32 11 87 08 11 - hasselt@officenter.eu

Officenter Leuven
Grauwmeer 1, 3001 Leuven
+32 16 74 47 70 - leuven@officenter.eu

Officenter Maastricht
Gelissendomein 8-10 6229 GJ Maastricht ( NL)
+31 43 760 01 00 - maastricht@officenter.eu

Officenter Pelt
Europalaan 11, 3900 Pelt
+32 11 66 82 30 - pelt@officenter.eu

Officenter Sint-Truiden
Tongersesteenweg 190, 3800 Sint-Truiden
+32 11 14 00 40 - sinttruiden@officenter.eu

Officenter Turnhout
Rubensstraat 104, 2300 Turnhout
+32 14 47 08 47 - turnhout@officenter.eu

Officenter Vilvoorde
Luchthavenlaan 27, 1800 Vilvoorde
T. +32 2 486 30 00 - vilvoorde@officenter.eu

Officenter Zaventem
Leuvensesteenweg 643, 1930 Zaventem
T. +32 2 616 00 - zaventem@officenter.eu



As an Officenter customer, you can make free use of the meeting rooms or coworking in Parkoffice Gent, Parkoffice Kortrijk and Mechelen Campus twice a month.


Feel free to ask the Officer Reception for more information and we will be happy to make a reservation for you.

Parkoffice Kortrijk, Doorniksestraat 63, 8500 Kortrijk

Customer news

If you would like to send out a mailing to your Officenter customers, you can do so easily. We will distribute your message to the Officenter customers of one specific branch or to all branches.

This is how it works:

Create an e-mail with the desired description for your event or vacancy in the title, for example: "Lunch & Learn Officenter" or "Vacancy junior sales".

  1. Do not use colours or different fonts in the text of the email. Do not copy text from an existing website, as the layout of that website will be sent in the e-mail. Only use plain text.
  2. At the top of the text, place a high quality photo that matches your message. Do not use a collage or a photo with text in it.
  3. Think about a clear Call 2 Action at the end of your message. What is the purpose of your message? Make sure the reader can take that action easily by clicking on a link to your website, for example.
  4. Send your email to: zoubida@officenter.eu

Your message will be checked and after approval by us distributed via e-mail to the Officenter customers and their employees.