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Our Vision

We are Officenter

Officenter has been creating workplaces since 2010. Fourteen branches later, our eyes are still sharp and our noses point in the same direction. Whether it concerns our customers, employees, investors or suppliers, every stakeholder of our Officenter family is like an indispensable link. Together we are sailing a strong course. Will you step on board?

We are doers

A satisfied customer is our highest goal. And we work hard to achieve this, day after day. We are therefore proud of our service. After all, that little extra effort is an opportunity for us to make a difference. In short: no mountain is too high, no valley too deep to keep customers satisfied. And we like to set a good example. Picking up a can in the car park, a friendly greeting and always being on time for a meeting, we all consider normal. Our actions and our mindset ensure an exceptionally high satisfaction score and retention rate. Because satisfied customers stay.


We are sharers, not divisors

We hold our share culture in high esteem. We use our square metres in the most efficient, practical and fair way. For example, we share our parking spaces, meeting rooms and entrance halls. We do not like territorial behaviour. We trust that our stakeholders have the same attitude.

We are impact makers

We do not take shortcuts to the best result. Together, we choose to grow and we strive to achieve our ambitious goals. Wherever the future takes us, we stick to our core values, such as social commitment, local roots and commitment to sustainable business. For this, we are recognised locally and nationally in the industry and in the media.


We are ourselves

Officenter was founded by seven friends with a passion for corporate social responsibility. This conviction and amicable atmosphere is still reflected in Officenter anno 2021. Our community is close, our working atmosphere friendly. We can trust each other and do not control each other. This trust gives us the strength to keep growing. If we have questions or concerns, we voice them. That is our way of being transparent. If things get tricky, we look for a solution together.


We are honest, correct, credible and consistent. We reason with our common sense, but we can always back this up with figures. Of course, we sometimes disagree and make mistakes. That makes us human. But if you build a tree house, you won't mind a splinter. We learn by doing and do by learning.