Onze Happy Client Assistants van de receptie staan dagelijks met een glimlach voor u klaar tijdens de openingsuren:
Monday   8.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.  
Tuesday   8.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.  
Wednesday   8.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.  
Thursday   8.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.  
Friday   8.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.  
Saturday   closed  
Sunday   closed  


Reception: 9000 / 02 616 66 00 

Leuvensesteenweg 643, B-1930 Zaventem
+32 (0)2 616 66 00 - zaventem@officenter.eu

The office is secured with an alarm and equipped with camera surveillance.

Officenter is accessible through the main entrance(s) from Monday 08h00 to Thursday 17h30 and Friday 08h00 to 17h00. Outside these hours an electronic access control system will be activated and only users with a personalised badge can enter the building. Only clients with a permanent office in the building will receive an access badge. The common areas in Officenter are equipped with camera surveillance and an alarm system. If the user activates these by improper use of the emergency doors or by entering unauthorised areas equipped with alarms, a fee may be charged (additional patrol from security firm).


If you wish to receive visitors after closing time, they can reach you directly via the outside telephone.

Outside at the main entrance you will find the outside phone/intercom with a phone list of the fixed offices and the meeting rooms. Visitors can call your office outside office hours and you can open the outside door by using the 'open door' button on your telephone. For security reasons, it is advisable to pick up your guests at the front door outside office hours.

The emergency doors are permanently under alarm. When opening one of the emergency doors the alarm will go off and the alarm centre will be notified. The emergency doors may only be used in case of emergency. 

The windows are also on alarm between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. and may not be opened during this period. If the windows are opened during this period, the alarm goes off and our security company's incident room is notified.

Officenter beschikt over camera’s in de gemeenschappelijke delen. Deze beelden blijven gedurende 30 dagen beschikbaar op onze server.

A G4S patrol checks the building every evening to see if there is anything suspicious, if any windows are still open... The G4S employee has access to the building with a badge.

A colour copier is available at the reception desk and on each floor. This can only be used with a personal code, which you can obtain from our Happy Client Assistants.
The copier can also be used to scan and print. We replenish the paper daily. If the paper trays are empty, please let us know and we will immediately refill the empty paper trays. 

Please always lower the lid of the copier. This will protect the glass plate.

To install the printer, we will be happy to help you or you can obtain a manual at the reception desk.

- Enter the code created for you and press log on
- Place the document to be copied in the feeder or on the glass plate
- Press start (green button)
- Don't forget to take the original with you
- Press log off

- Enter your code and press log on
- Put the document to be scanned in the feeder or on the glass plate
- Press send and then enter the address on the screen using the keypad
- Press e-mail and fill in the address using the keypad on the screen
- Press OK - press start (green button)
- Your document is sent
- Press log off


Officenter has its own fax to mail system. From the moment a fax is sent or received, it will be converted into an e-mail.
You have the choice to use the general Officenter fax number (mails are only forwarded during office hours) or to have your own fax to mail number.


Franking/post     will be charged 1/1  
Scans     € 0.02/piece  
Copies     € 0.06/piece  
Colour copies   
    € 0.16/piece  
Tel. domestic     € 0.06/min  
Tel. Overseas from     € 0.06 to € 0.60/min  
White board marker / 4 pieces     € 4.25/4 pieces  
White board marker     € 1.25/piece  
Brown cover with     € 0.68/piece  
    bottom Brown cover     € 0.68/piece  
    with filling Postpack box     € 2.5/piece  
large Postpack box small     € 1.5/piece  
Plastic folder     € 0.57/piece  


Office maintenance (additional request)     € 26.25/hr  
Handyman service 
    € 30.00/hr  
Cleaning windows 
    € 6.25 / piece  



Secretarial services    € 35.00 /piece  
Archive boxes    € 3.50 / piece  
Booklet binding (wire-o/ring system)    € 2.85 / piece  
Labels    € 0.06 / piece  
Label sheet Long    € 3.00 / piece  
telephone cable    € 7.25 / piece  
Plastify    € 0.50 / sheet  
Pack of A3 paper    € 15.00 / piece  
Pack of A4 paper    € 6.75 / piece  
White cover    € 0.15 / piece  
Brown cover    € 0.57 / piece  


Internet cable        € 7.00/piece  
Server small in rack        € 50,00 / month  
Server large in rack        € 100.00/month  
IP address        € 10.25 / month  
SSL-VPN account        € 5.25 / month  
Fax to mail        € 3.00 / month  
Wi-Fi within own network (VLAN)    
in its own establishment free  
own establishment+1 other establishment        € 10.00 / month  
In all branches        € 25.00 / month  


Additional cabinet       € 10.00 / month  
Archive rack rental       € 15,00 / month  


Outdoor advertising Hasselt (excl. creation/placement)       € 74,50 / month  
Outdoor advertising other branches       € 45,00 / month  
Guarantee badge       € 27,50 / piece  
Replace office key  
      € 27,50 / piece  
Replace office key       € 44,50 / piece  
Ironing service       Service cheques  

Officenter stelt u graag deze fietsen ter beschikking voor uw verplaatsingen.
Handig voor korte verplaatsingen; goed voor uw gezondheid én voor uw ecologische voetafdruk.

Enkele aandachtspuntjes:
Officenter is niet verantwoordelijk voor schade aan andere personen (verkeersongeval) tijdens het fietsen.
Dit dient geregeld te worden via uw bedrijfsaansprakelijkheidsverzekering.

Officenter is niet verantwoordelijk voor lichamelijke of stoffelijke schade aan de fietser zelf.
Dit dient geregeld te worden via uw arbeidsongevallenverzekering of persoonlijke ongevallenverzekering.

Indien u zelf schade veroorzaakt aan onze fietsen, houdt Officenter zich het recht voor om deze schade te recupereren. Dus rijd aub voorzichtig. En vergeet zeker niet om de fiets steeds op slot te doen en te bevestigen aan vast punt, om diefstal te vermijden.

Benefits@Officenter offers our clients and their employees a wide range of benefits and discounts at home and abroad. You can register on the platform easily and free of charge at your e-mail address. Once you have an account, you can immediately make use of the discounts, anytime and anywhere.

Surf to https://officenter.benefitsatwork.be/

The method of discount can differ for each benefit: online with a promo code on a webshop, by showing a (mobile) discount coupon in a shop, via an online ticketshop...

We regularly add new discounts to the programme.

Wilt u geen korting missen? Schrijf u dan in voor de maandelijkse Benefits@Work nieuwsbrief!

Ground floor

Floor 1

Floor 2

Floor 3

Floor -1 (basement)


Each kitchenette is equipped with Officenter cups, dishes, cutlery, towels, dishcloths, etc. from the cabinets in the kitchen that you are free to use. Because it is nice for everyone to be able to enjoy a clean kitchen, we ask you to put dirty cups, dishes, cutlery, etc. in the dishwasher and to leave the counter tidy. The kitchen is cleaned daily and the fridge is emptied completely every Saturday. A microwave oven, coffee machine and water boiler are also at your disposal.